M110 ECR Clone Conversion

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ECR " Enhanced Combat Rifle " M110 Clone Build 


To meet the needs of the community we are now offering M110 clone conversions. Specifying in everything KAC also being Certified M110, MK11, & SR-25 Armorers we have decided that their is no one else in the firearms communtiy more suited to take on this project. 

What comes with this service?

1. Complete Disassembly of your firearm

2. Completely Cerakoting the Upper Receiver, Rail, Barrel, Gas Block, Lower Receiver, and all Small Parts, using KAC's infamous Taupe color code 

3. Machining of the KAC M110 Gas Block to flawlessley fit the upper

4. Complete Reassembly of your Firearm 

5. Return Shipping

If you have any other questions please contact us directly!