KAC Knights Armament Company SR-30 E3 Mod 2 M-Lok DSR KM32401

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KAC Knights Armament Company SR-30 E3 Mlok DSR Mod 2 

KAC Part #: KM32401

Rifle Specs


Manufacture: Knight’s Armament Company

Caliber: 300blkout


Upper Receiver

Barrel: 9.5 inch

Rail: URX4 Mlok  - The URX4 Mlok rail system features a stronger and more stable designs over previous rail systems due to its one piece construction. The KAC URX4 features an integrated barrel nut.

Gas system: The gas system on the Mod 2 is a proprietary mid length gas system that increased durability and reliability while reducing felt recoil.

Bolt Carrier Group: The bolt carrier group features the revolutionary E3 bolt design. The E3 design increases the durability and life of the bolt by utilizing features such as rounded lugs, size reduction of the cam pin, larger bolt face, and a proprietary extractor design.

Sights: Micro rear 600m flip up sight and Micro front flip up sight.

Muzzle Device: N/A

Charging handle: Knights Armament enhanced charging handle


Lower Receiver

Trigger: Knight Armament 2 stage match trigger. The first stage is a "no-poundage" stage, requiring almost zero force to move the trigger. The second stage requires 4.5lbs of force in order for the trigger to break.

Ambidextrous Controls: The highly sought after Knight Armament lower receiver features an ambidextrous bolt catch, safety, and magazine release. Perfect for left handed shooters and provides all shooting a more ergonomic experience.



This suppressor attaches to the rifle via direct thread and fits under the URX 4 rail. KAC has redesigned the baffle stack to make this suppressor/rifle combination as effective as it can possibly be.


For more information please visit www.knightarmco.com

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*Must ship to FFL

This is an SBR and Suppressor which both require Form3 dealer-dealer transfer.