KAC Knight's Armament Company M110 SASS Buttstock KM24122-1

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KAC Knight's Armament Company M110 SASS Buttstock



KAC Part #: 24122-1




Installation Difficulty:  If a rifle length buffer tube is already installed on the SR-25, SR-15, or AR-15 the stock installs by a simple M16A1 buttstock screw. If the lower receiver does not currently have a rifle length buffer tube installed N.S. defense recommends having a competent armorer install the buffer tube. 

Product Description: The Knight's Armament company M110 SASS buttstock is the same stock included is the Semi Automatic Sniper System Deployment Package. This stock is a direct replacement or a great addition to a M110 clone rifle. The stock is adjustable for length of pull without any tools. The internal parts are all constructed of metal for durability. Buffer tube, recoil spring, and buffer are sold separately.


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