KAC Knight’s Armament Company Complete E3 Bolt assembly KM20434

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KAC Knight’s Armament Company E3 Bolt assembly

KAC Part #: KM20434


The SR-15 E3 Enhanced Bolt features a number of components designed to exceed expectations for durability and service life, even when exposed to extreme and unrelenting conditions. It is a proprietary bolt designed specifically for use in SR-15 and SR-16 rifles.

E3 Enhanced Bolt Features:

  • Enlarged Bolt Face - Provides more positive engagement in the chamber and ensures proper seating upon cycling.
  • Rounded Bolt Lugs - Less prone to chipping or cracking than traditional square lug designs.
  • Reduced-Size Cam Pin - Allows for a thicker bolt web, strengthening a common failure point in the AR-15 bolt design.
  • Enhanced Reliability Extractor - Shaped like a "T" this extractor's pivot point is shifted forward to apply constant pressure on the case rim and reduce extraction failures. Its dual extractor springs provide a failsafe in the event that one fails during hard usage.


This is a Complete Bolt Assembly with all internal parts installed. The E3 Bolt is compatible with Knight's Armament E3 Barrel Extensions only. 


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