KAC Knight’s Armament Company 7.62 QDC MAMS Muzzle Break (5/8”- 24 TPI) SR-30 KM30598

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KAC Knight’s Armament Company 762QDC MAMS Muzzle Break

KM30598 (5/8”- 24 TPI) SR-30


The KAC Knight’s Armament Company 762QDC Multi Axis Muzzle Stability (MAMS) Muzzle Break has been engineered to increase controllability, to significantly reduce felt recoil, and to help mitigate a rifle's flash signature as compared to traditional muzzle brake designs. The MAMS is a neutral bias brake that combats both muzzle rise and drift upon firing. Depending on the gun's barrel length, it can reduce felt recoil in a 7.62x51mm gun by as much as 52 percent. The 7.62 MAMS is compatible with KAC's Quick Disconnect Coupling (QDC) 7.62mm sound suppressor line, and comes complete with a 7-piece shim kit and installation instructions. 



  • Material: Steel
  • Caliber: 7.62mm
  • Thread Size: 5/8"- 24

                  Suppressor Compatibility: KAC 7.62 QDC7.62 QDC/CQB


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